Are you into skin care and beauty? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Sense of Beautique is a beauty blog filled with beauty related subjects. Here, you’ll, for instance, find reviews about products for your face, body, and hair from all around the world. Are you into K-Beauty? Or want to see what Poland, Sweden, or other countries have to offer? Look no further!

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A little bit about me:

My name’s Nellie Zygmundt. I’m a former Skin Therapist. I used to run my own beauty salon for several years, and today, I’ve transferred that interest to this blog. I live in cold but beautiful Sweden with my fifteen-year-old son, cat, and dog, but I was born in Poland.

Another passion in my life is books. I read whenever I get the chance. I’m also a self-published author under the name Nellie C. Lind and I run the publishing house Sense of Romance. If you’re into fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, then visit my author website to find out more.

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About the reviews:

On this blog, I review skin care products from all around the world that have caught my attention. I love beautiful and unique things, products that stand out one way or another and it doesn’t matter if they are cheap or come from a luxurious brand. Scent and appearance is very important to me and I have a huge interest in handmade products. I test everything myself before sharing my opinion and you can be sure my reviews are honest and based on my own experiences.

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