Some time ago, I ordered the Korean skin care products Beauty Water and Beauty Filter Cream Glow by Son and Park from Soko Glam. I ordered the cream and received the water for free.

I was excited from the start, mostly because it was my first time trying out Korean skincare products, which I’ve had my eyes on for months, but also because I ordered from Sokoglam. An online beauty store I’ve also had my eyes on. I had no idea what to expect when the products arrived, but I was positively surprised.


Beauty Filter Cream Glow

The cream can be used as a moisturizer or a primer, and it’s marketed as “A Natural Filter Cream for Selfie Lovers”, by Sokoglam because it leaves a glowy look on the skin that a regular moisturizer doesn’t leave. It felt nice to the touch and applied easily. I like how the product makes the skin look more smooth and even, and the gentle glow is a plus. The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the scent, but over the days I grew used to it.

According to the information I’ve found, the cream contains extracts from rose, lily, jasmine, and other flowers, but when I read the INCI-list, I noticed it’s filled with silicones. It also contains Mica to create that glowy look.

The container is made out of glass with a black plastic lid and feels rather heavy. It contains 40 grams of product and the price may vary depending on where you buy it, but it costs somewhere around 25-32 dollars.

You’ll find Beauty Filter Cream Glow at: 


Beauty Water


The Beauty Water came for free, and it’s definitely my favorite product of the two. You use it as a toner and a cleansing water. It will gently exfoliate your skin, and it’s recommended for all skin types. I have dry skin type, and I find that it works well on me.

Toners are usually not something I waste my money on if I can’t afford it because it rarely feels like they do anything, but this toner I’m definitely going to buy again!

In my hands, it feels just like regular water, but when I apply it to the face it feels like I’m applying a moisturizer. You can really feel how it hydrates the skin. The downside is that once the product starts drying it leaves a sticky surface on the skin. The fragrance took also some getting used to, but today, I enjoy the warm citric scent.

I received a 60 ml transparent plastic bottle with a black lid. When buying the product, you get 340 ml, and it costs arount 25-30 dollars.


So are these two products worth putting your money on? I’d say they are. I’m impressed by how they make my skin feel, and I’ll definitely be buying them again, especially the Beauty Water.

You’ll find the Beauty Water at: